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Data Security

Data security is of critical importance to NRC.  NRC is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant and follows the strictest guidelines in receiving, processing, and managing client data.


Employee/Education and Training


  • Every employee is required to complete comprehensive HIPAA and HITECH training and must pass compliance testing before beginning work.
  • Every employee is required to undergo an annual HIPAA training and compliance testing.
  • Every employee is required to sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment.   
  • A criminal background check is completed for every new employee.


Data Security


  • NRC utilizes a state of the art network security system of managed switches, routers and firewalls. 
  • All servers are locked and access is limited.   
  • All servers, desktops and laptops are encrypted and password protected.   
  • All data is uploaded to a secure FTP site and immediately downloaded into NRC’s secure servers. 
  • All data is processed onsite at NRC’s data center and stored on a secure server.
  • NRC uses a stringent network authentication system.  
  • All transmitted data by NRC is encrypted and/or password protected.


Building Security


  • The building has full time reception and security doors at the entrance to employee work areas.
  • Every visitor requires an escort when moving inside the building.
  • Alarm system is connected to law enforcement.
  • The building has security sensors and cameras.   


NRC is committed to providing the best possible results and service, while making it a priority to ensure the data you provide to us remains secure.  Our approach to data security is multi-level and is deployed at every step of the process.  We always welcome your feedback on what we can do to ensure we remain compliant with your expectations and requirements. 

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