Experienced Healthcare Professionals

Nemadji Research Corporation’s team of professionals draws from extensive backgrounds in the health and human services fields as well as reimbursement technology. In addition to staying ahead of the rapid policy changes from state and federal reforms that impact the healthcare industry, NRC’s professionals have significant expertise in healthcare reimbursement methodologies, claiming and billing, and data-mining technology. 

Our professionals also maintain longstanding working relationships with intergovernmental agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and those at the state and county levels.

  • All NRC billing experts are state-specific certified
  • All NRC staff members have continuous HIPAA and HITECH training
  • All NRC professionals contribute to maximizing your revenue recovery


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Nemadji Research Corporation

P.O. Box 100
7564 Birch Street
Bruno, Minnesota 55712
Phone: 320-838-3838

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