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Nemadji Research Corporation uses a dual process for revenue enhancement results.

1. NRC leverages data-mining technology.

Our proprietary Comprehensive Patient Profile© efficiently scans the extensive archive of patient medical services and eligibility data we’ve built over the past twenty years as well as individualized patient data pulled from all available sources. NRC’s data-matching functionality significantly expands reimbursement recoveries.

2. NRC employs keen thinkers.

Our trained professionals review electronic matches to identify data anomalies, such as transposed SSNs and multiple medical record numbers for the same patient. We handle the labor-intensive paper chase for filing claims, too. Our solid relationships with key government agencies help speed that along. Other companies won’t bother.  

NRC’s dual process secures payments on old accounts abandoned by your staff or other vendors. We don’t collect from patients to achieve our real-dollar results. Instead, NRC searches deeply and finds eligibility for accounts three years old—or more than ten years old!

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