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The NRC Comprehensive Patient Profile© Model

NRC constructs unique software tools for each client that merge eligibility and hospital service data with other data sources. We scan this extensive electronic archive to match against a customized patient profile—a longitudinal repository that integrates all available historical and current demographic data from hospitals, clinics, and physician groups’ service files for that patient.

The NRC Process Difference 

More data from more sources maximizes the probability of finding revenue opportunities

  • All sources of data are linked together, showing all known information about a patient
  • Our automated process leverages known good linkage hints, such as medical record number and Social Security number
  • Linkages resolve data anomalies and establish relationships
  • The NRC tracking system identifies and corrects discrepancies and other errors for reimbursement

Patient Profile Data Sources

patient profile data sources

Labor-intensive manual reviews follow the automated process to capture additional revenue potential. NRC also uses an eligibility engine to continuously check for retroactive eligibility decisions. NRC works with you to convert previously ineligible services into payable claims.

Why wait any longer for your payables? Talk to us about finding the money you’re owed.

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