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Proprietary Automated Data Mining  

Nemadji Research Corporation separates its automated data-mining system into eight components to achieve real-dollar results for our clients.

  1. Data Archive – Contains all electronic payment history and service data information.  
  2. Comprehensive Patient Profile© – Maintains a data index of all pertinent patient information across all time and data sources. An automated module incorporates a visual review of the patient index so a human judgment can be made to overcome identification errors, omissions, or changes over time that are undetectable in electronic matching alone.
  3. Account-Targeting Module – Automatically reviews all incoming data and information against already known information to further identify accounts with potential for third-party coverage. Such accounts are then displayed for visual review so that human judgment can be made for a final identification on each account.
  4. Patient Selection Module – Assembles all known information about an individual patient, across time and providers, including all available eligibility information, to allow NRC to determine the cost/benefits basis for efforts to establish or confirm eligibility for each patient.
  5. Process Monitoring System – Tracks each patient account to assist in eligibility confirmation. This process can involve numerous individual steps and several months of effort.
  6. Claiming System – Bills intermediaries on behalf of providers.
  7. Post-Billing System – Evaluates payments and assesses denials for prompt follow-up on any issues.
  8. Invoicing And Reporting System – Prepares monthly reports for providers and generates all NRC internal reports for fee invoicing.

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