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Medicare And Medicaid Reimbursement Recovery Specialists

Nemadji Research Corporation understands the regulations, requirements, and eligibility nuances of Medicare and Medicaid that impact your revenue.

We’re vigilant policy watchers, continually monitoring federal and state reforms. An eligibility change implemented in 2012, for example, can dramatically adjust a patient’s account more than ten years ago. Expect NRC to find those dollars for you.

Nemadji Research Corporation’s expert services include:

  • Medicaid fee for service reimbursement
  • Medicare fee for service reimbursement
  • Medicare IME/GME reimbursement
  • Medicaid to Medicare conversion with DHS maximization
  • Managed care reimbursement
  • Patient advocacy to convert uninsured to Medicaid/Medicare or to resolve benefits issues, working with administrative law judges or government agencies

Our experts maintain longstanding relationships with various agencies, including the Social Security Administration (SSA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and state and local patient advocacy offices. We know the most efficient ways to recover documents and file claims.

Count on NRC to increase Medicare/Medicaid revenue reimbursement for your hospital. Contact us today.

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