Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t other companies use the same software?

Over the last 25 years Nemadji Research Corporation developed and engineered its proprietary technology and reimbursement methodologies to meet the data-mining requirements and claiming rules in the healthcare industry. NRC’s methodology is unique to other contractors in maximizing revenue in retroactive Medicare eligibility cases. NRC starts by building an extensive electronic archive of service data and eligibility information with a proprietary superimposed index that links all information from multiple source files, creating an extensive history—a Comprehensive Patient Profile©—for each patient. Thereafter, NRC’s highly developed proprietary software merges eligibility with other data sources into a longitudinal repository that tracks eligibility and service information over decades and identifies discrepancies and missed accounts with potential for reimbursement. As data is processed by NRC’s proprietary software, electronically targeted accounts are routed to NRC staff. These targeted accounts are reviewed utilizing all available service and eligibility files to increase the capture rate of accounts that might not otherwise have been identified for reimbursement.

Honestly, there’s no cost to us?

Yes. NRC invests in all upfront costs of customizing its software and methodologies to meet the specific needs of each client project. NRC only gets paid when the hospital gets paid.

Will we have to change our systems for your software?

No, we work seamlessly with your systems. We accept data in every format and adapt our programming to fit your technology. Our goal is to minimize disruption in every way.

How far back can you search?

We can search as far back as the data takes us. The more data we process, the more robust our system.

If you have other questions, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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