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We Begin Where Others Leave Off

Nemadji Research Corporation uses an exclusive Last-in-Line© approach to cost recovery and revenue maximization for healthcare providers. We begin our work after all of your existing internal and external eligibility identification and billing efforts have gone as far as they can go. Then we follow with data-mining technology and proprietary methodologies that identify eligibility that converts into dollars owed to you.

The combination of fine-tuned software and human analysis reveals unknown or undiscovered eligibility or data anomalies hidden by transposed numbers, patient identification inconsistencies, coding mistakes, and other data cloaks.

We’re so confident that you have money waiting to be claimed that you pay no upfront costs. You pay us when you recover funds. What do you have to lose? In fact, you’ve already lost the money. We get it back.

  • NRC identifies undiscovered eligibility for accounts that have been written off to bad debt, self-pay, or charity care.
  • We track underpayments due to changes in eligibility, scouring data regardless of age of service.
  • Our unique Last-in-Line approach follows your existing processes—our intention is not to replace them but enhance them.

As a Last-in-Line contractor, NRC has generated over $250 million for our clients. Contact us to learn what can we do for you.

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Nemadji Research Corporation

P.O. Box 100
7564 Birch Street
Bruno, Minnesota 55712
Phone: 320-838-3838

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